D.B. Maroon’s, Black Lives, American Love delivers relentless truth-telling and timely discussions that will provoke and inspire you.

This book is a hard-hitting personal biography of America, Blackness, and racial politics. From an opening essay on the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement to debates on the 1619 project and the rippling impact of resurgent white nationalism, the golden thread of each essay is a call to greater truth as the first step toward reconciliation.

Intersectional, personal, and ultimately centered on truth, love, and perseverance, Black Lives, American Love tends to the fractures in American culture. In an era that has normalized hate and rage, this book uplifts the power of love as the way forward.

Black Lives, American Love grips you with its powerful opening and holds with its urgent narrative. This book should be required reading for everyone who cares about the intersection of history and contemporary American life.”  

Sharrif Simmons – Member of The Last Poets Experience

Black Lives, American Love is a book that everyone needs to read, to share, to teach.” 

Megan Moodie – Author of We Were Adivasis

“Maroon’s writing is engaging in its reckoning with the complexities of Black experience. In “Mahicantuk: An Ever Giving River,” the author subtly argues for the significance of questioning dominant cultural narratives—and of recovering buried histories—in order to live authentically in the present. “Creating Blackness” and “Black Spectrums” provide insightful commentary on the urgency of—and inevitable difficulties involved in—constructing a racial self linked to community and tradition… The most personal and moving essay, “American Love,” vigorously affirms the author’s journey to self-acceptance as the necessary foundation of loving others properly. Though much of the collection highlights the suffering inflicted by historical and contemporary injustices, what stands out most vividly is Maroon’s conviction that, with the proper effort and encouragement, enough of America will “continue to embody the best of agape kindness” and make possible greater collective understanding and healing.”

Kirkus Reviews