DB Maroon

Author. Speaker. Cultural Anthropologist


“We’re at an inflection point. We are all being called to deliver innovative solutions and dedicated action for a better world.”


Critics have lauded Black Lives American Love for its first-hand account of today’s most pressing racial issues.

Ms. Magazine describes the book as, “candid, provocative, and transformational.”

Kirkus Reviews calls Black Lives American Love, an “engaging reckoning with the complexities of Black experience.”

Author, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, declares that DB Maroon’s writing aligns “with her literary ancestors Hurston, Lorde, Morrison, and hooks.” In her review, Diggs writes, “This book is a gift for the now and for generations long after us.”


DB Maroon has been inspiring and activating audiences for more than a decade. A deeply gifted speaker, she ignites listeners with interactive events that are fully engaging and lead to tangible change. A talented and experienced keynote, DB Maroon brings her audiences to life with compassion, humor, and storytelling for lasting impact. 

Cultural Anthropology

How can insights about human cultures improve our world? That’s the question DB Maroon has been asking since the start of her career as an applied anthropologist. Drawing on the vast body of research anthropology offers and adding her own primary studies, DB Maroon has worked with foundations, corporations, and government agencies to deliver solutions to critical issues from inequality in community revitalization to closing the gaps in health, wealth, and education. Her innovative approach has led to better sustainable solutions touching people’s lives in historically marginalized communities and improving pathways to achievement for underrepresented minorities in the workplace. 

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